Smallbore Target

(T) Air Rifle/Pistol

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The Hydes Field Ranges:

We have a selection of ranges at different distances at Hampton Rifle Club:

Distance Location Disciplines No. of Points Notes
10 Metres Indoor .177 Target Air Rifle and Pistol ONLY 2 Target Air Rifle (<12ft.lbs) and Pistol (<6ft.lbs) chambered at .177 only
20 Yards Indoor .22lr Lightweight Rifle, Air Pistol, Air Rifle 3 Shot in the 25 yard indoor range standing or prone at the shutters. No .22 Air Rifle allowed
25 Yards Indoor All except .22 Air Rifle 4 Archery can be done indoors but ceiling height is limited. No .22 Air Rifle allowed
50 Metres Outdoor All 10 Targets must be fitted to 50m target boards
100Yards Outdoor All, except Lightweight Rifle 10 Lightweight Rifle is considered inaccurate at this distance, please contact the Range Officer first
20 Yard (CLOSED) Outdoor CLOSED - CLOSED - CLOSED 6 This range is closed for renovation/repair. Can be used for sub Air RIfles Only**

** = At the shooters risk.

Our outdoor range firing points are covered and shot from a concrete base. Archery outdoors is shot from in front of the concrete firing point at a line as designated by the Duty Officer on the day. Distances up to 90m can be achieved for Archery, although a recommended maximum of 70m is expected.


The Facilities

We have a very comfortable club house with seating, a pool table (40p per game), tea/coffee facilities with a microwave for heating/cooking food should you feel peckish. We also sell the usual chocolate bars and crisps if you fancy a nibble.

A large gun setup and cleaning room is situated behind the 25 yard range and also the competition targets are located here with each competitor having there own assigned slot for their cards.

Hampton Rifle Club has secure storage for use by the members at a minimal charge per year.

We are currently undertaking a refit of the lighting throughout using new technology LED lamps, next phase is the indoor 25 yard range firing point and target butts.

 We have a small selection of .22lr Rifles, Target Air Rifles & Pistols and Field Target Air Rifles that can be used by new members while they get a feel for the sport until they get their own equipment. We are currently looking to upgrade our selection of jackets, gloves and slings too.